FTP Attachments® Build 4.1 (December 16, 2013)

Major Features 

  • Introduced new UI for FTP Attachments®. 
  • Embedded FTP Attachments Premium API within FTP Attachments®.
  • Introduced radio buttons on FileNameSettings page for Allow/Deny characters. 
  • Options to check purchase price in user and admin cases.  


Bug Fixes

  • "You have logged out successfully." message displayed on session expire. 
  • Due to some garbage value in URL, user can not login for the first time even if user enters correct credentials. Now user can login. 
  • New error message is display for Unicode characters in "Characters Allowed/Denied" text box. 
  • File Upload/Download directly from Amazon via. FTP Attachments®.
  • Help tip is now displayed on Custom Link Manager, MigratorSalesforceUserSetup page. 
  • Profile editing option available for an user. 
  • Internet Explorer 10 browser support for FTP Attachments®. 
  • User can easily save specific server credential in Default Storage Server. 
  • User can save Amazon credentials in Default Server Settings. 
  • Denied "single quote(') and [space]" characters to be saved in "Characters Allowed/Denied" text box on FileNameSettings page.
  • Removed SearchLayoutSettings link from Email Settings. 
  • Removed ListBucket link from Tools menu.