• The basic version of FTP Attachments® will now support 10 licensed users instead of 30. This is applicable only to the new subscribers.
  • Attachments with file name greater than 80 characters can be uploaded using FTP Attachments®. Eg. If the file name of a attachment is more than 80 characters, then it is truncated and stored in the below format.
  • FinalAnnualReportsandAccountsStatementsSummaryforvariousProductcontent-rmd.html
  • Alerts and messages in the application are made more user friendly.
  • The template folder of the Send Email module is modified to contain only the email template folder of Salesforce.com. In the previous versions, it displayed all folders including Reports and Dashboard folders of Salesforce.com. 
  • Minor GUI issues are resolved on Login page for Internet Explorer browser.
  • Send Email module is now enhanced to include an appropriate field value for the Salesforce.com reference types lookup and master-detail fields.