Bug Fixes

  • The basic version of FTP Attachments® will now support 10 licensed users instead of 30. This is applicable only to the new subscribers.
  • The error "URI formats are not supported" in the Send email functionality of FTP Attachments® is now resolved,user can send email along with the link and after navigating to the link, file/attachment will be viewed/downloaded.
  • In the Send email functionality of FTP Attachments,user can send email successfully along with the attachments and the attachments can be downloaded successfully on the destination machine.
  • Send Email module is now enhanced to include an appropriate field value for the Salesforce.com reference types lookup and master-detail fields.
  • Attachments with file name greater than 80 characters can be uploaded using FTP Attachments®. Eg. If the file name of a attachment is more than 80 characters, then it is truncated and stored in the below format.