Major Feature:

  • To signup an account with Orektic  (FTP Attachments®),only one email Id associated with specific Salesforce Org Id can be used.

Bug Fixes:

  • Custom Link Manager tool can now be used seamlessly without any issues
  • Emails can be successfully sent from the Send email functionality of FTP Attachments
  • Comments are added automatically after setting the Case Comments from the FTP Attachments® Web Application
  • GUI issues are resolved on the Attach.aspx page
  • After updating the file using Update button of FTP Attachments,view count is displayed appropriately.
  • Characters that are allowed in the file name settings of FTP Attachments® web application are now handled precisely
  • Multiple files can be added using the AttachMultipleFiles.aspx page
  • New Profile can be added in the Additional server Setting of FTP Attachments
  • File names with unicode extensions can be downloaded with their original names
  • Typos/spelling mistakes are rectified.