•  Local server storage option will be no more accessible to the hosted users of FTP Attachments®. 
  •  SMTP server option for the send email functionality is now enabled for the standalone users. 


  •  While trying to download files with special characters and with the storage server as Amazon S3 , "MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION" error in Google chrome is now handled and the files are attached successfully.
  •  Now community users can attach files via the FTP Attachments® button used by the non-community users.
  • Content truncation issue of the .txt file is fixed now in different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11).
  • The files that are updated using FTP Attachments® can now be successfully downloaded with the original name.
  • Attachments sent through the Send email functionality using SMTP server can now be downloaded when the storage server is Amazon S3.