Follow the below steps to use FTP Attachments® in Salesforce Portal.

1. Go to FTP Attachments® Object in Salesforce

                                                           Figure 1

2. Create a new Profile in Salesforce with User License "Customer Portal Manager" as shown below in Figure 2.

  • In Tab Settings section, in Custom Tab Settings search for FTP Attachments® Objects and FTP Attachments® Setup Objects Set "Default On" value. 
  • In Custom Object Permissions section, give access (Read, Edit, Create and Delete as per requirement) to FTP Attachments® Objects, FTP Attachments® Access Log Objects and FTP Attachments® Version Objects. 
  • Save the above settings.

                                                                  Figure 2

                                                                Figure 3

                                                               Figure 4

3. Click on Setup in Salesforce, go to Customer Portal and click on Settings.

4. This will redirect on Customer Portal Setup, click on Name as shown below in Figure 5.

                                                                   Figure 5

5. In Assigned Profiles section, click on Edit Profiles button.

                                                                   Figure 6

6. Activate your profile by enabling checkbox as shown below in Figure 7.

                                                                 Figure 7

7. Login to your Customer Portal and avail the FTP Attachments® on Portal of Salesforce.