Email2Case Configuration Steps:

You can download the Email2Case latest build from the below link.

Step 1: Edit the email2case.txt file. Enter your e-mail account credential as shown below(Fig: 1).

                                                                                       Fig: 1

Step 2: Open sfdcConfig.txt.

                                                                                 Fig: 2

Step 2: In sfdcConfig.txt modify the below credential as shown in below Fig: 3.

  • In <userName>, enter your Salesforce Account credential where you have installed FTP Attachments® Pro.
  • In <notifyEmail>, enter an e-mail address to which an e-mail will be sent if an error occurs during operation.
  • In <from>, enter an e-mail address from which an e-mail will be sent to Notify Email address.
  • In <apiurl>, enter your domain name here.
  • In <com.sforce.mail.EmailService>, enter the path of email2case.txt file on your machine/server.
  • In <wsdlbasefolder>, enter the path of WSDL folder on your machine/server.

                                                                                                    Fig: 3

Step 3: Open EnzigmaEmailAgent.txt(If EnzigmaEmailAgent.bat is not available)

                                                                                                          Step: 4

Step 4: Open EnzigmaEmailAgent.txt and Save As EnzigmaEmailAgent.bat (Refer Fig 5, 6 and 7)

                                                                                                          Step: 5

                                                                                                                  Step: 6

                                                                                                           Step: 7

Step 5: Run EnzigmaEmailAgent.bat as Run as administrator.

                                                                                                          Step: 8