Different Editions of FTP Attachments®

There are two editions of FTP Attachments® which can be integrated with your system and an overview of both are mentioned below-

FTP Attachments® Basic is a free application for smaller organizations (for up to 30 users). It contains basic functionality of utilising your own Storage Server for storing your Salesforce attachments. This helps you to use attachments extensively with any Salesforce object without worrying about Salesforce space and in parallel data can be easily backup.

FTP Attachments® Pro has additional features compared to Basic among them is maintaining versions of your attachments so you can retrieve any older versions attached document/file. Another one is for users to view the access log (audit information) of attachments which is useful to track status of any modification in attachments.

FTP Attachments® Pro includes a feature to store your attachments in different folders in organized manner unlike Basic version where all the attachments are stored in the same folder.
There are many additional features in FTP Attachments® Pro among them is the options for restricting/allowing some extensions, special characters within file name.

FTP Attachments® Migrator is a tool to migrate your existing Salesforce attachments to FTP Attachments® Pro. Its very cost effective and provides
better control over your own data. Migrator tool can only be coupled up with FTP Attachments® Pro.

FTP Attachments® Advance Migrator Advance Migrator tool is an automated tool used to migrate files from Salesforce storage server to the personal storage server. It is an add-on tool of the FTP Attachments application similar to classic Migrator tool with enhanced feature of automated migration.

Using this tool, files can be continuously migrated from Notes and Attachments to personal storage server. The record of migrated file can be found in Salesforce’s FTP Attachments object. 

Note: Migrator and Advance Migrator supports only files attached through Notes and Attachments in Salesforce Classic mode.