11. Installation of Hosted Version

Installing FTP Attachments® has following steps involved:

1. Install the FTP Attachments® AppExchange Package (Chapter 4).
2. Signup for Orektic account and subscribe for Basic(Free) or Pro version (Chapter 4).
3. Create an additional custom links/buttons as per your requirements as described in Chapter 5.
4. Configure page layouts in Salesforce for each object for which you want to use FTP Attachments™ as described in Chapter 6.
5. If you want to use FTP Attachments® for any of your custom objects you need to follow some additional steps as described in Chapter 9.
6. Once you follow all these steps you can start using FTP Attachments® in hosted mode that is using (https://app.ftpattachments.com/sforce/Login.aspx ) app.ftpattachments.com servers.

It is highly recommended that you first evaluate the application in hosted mode before trying to use the application in Standalone mode. During your evaluation of 30 days use of the application under hosted mode is allowed.