12. Install FTP Attachments® on your Application Server

For evaluating the application you don’t need to install the application on your server, in fact, we recommend you evaluate the application in Hosted mode first. For commercial use, we highly recommend Standalone mode.

You can download Standalone version of FTP Attachments® from 



Minimum Hardware
• Pentium IV processor or equivalent
• Single Xeon recommended for > 200 concurrent users
• Dual Xeon recommended for > 500 concurrent users

• Internet connectivity required

Minimum Memory
• 512MB
• 2GB recommended for upto 20 Concurrent Users
• 4GB recommended for upto 40 Concurrent Users

Minimum Hard Disk Space
• 10 GB of free disk space

Operating System
• Windows 2008 Server or Advanced Server
• Windows 7 or 64-Bit Edition
• Windows Server 2008 family products

Web Application Server
• IIS 6 or above (which supports ASP .Net 4.6)
• ASP .Net 4.6
• ASP .Net AJAX framework

• Administrator rights to install the application

Before you follow the steps below make sure you have an Application server ready with specifications and environment as mentioned above. It is assumed that you already have ASP .NET 4.6 configured to run on your IIS server along with ASP .Net AJAX.

1. Extract the file in your website root folder (Generally C:\Inetpub\wwwroot). You can also choose any other folder on your system and create virtual directory in IIS as per your requirement.

2. Allow ASP.NET user (or the user as which ASP .NET is running as) write access to “App_Data” folder in the “sforce” folder you extracted above.

3. Open the IIS Manager from your Control Panel/Administrative Tools.

4. Setup the folder “sforce” which was extracted above as ASP .NET 4.6 application.

5. Go to login page of the application installed on your server, generally http://www.yourdomain.com/sforce/Login.aspx (The link may vary if you changed the location of the folder or created virtual folder). This should bring up the screen looking like below.

6. You need to determine the link to your application server hosting the Orektic  sforce .NET service.
e.g. http://orektic.yourcompany.com/sforce/Login.aspx.

After installing the AppExchange package you will be required to create custom links for each object which you wish to have attachments. These new custom links will point to this server by replacing the https://app.ftpattachments.com/sforce/

 with the url to your own application server

e.g. http://orektic.yourcompany.com/sforce/ in the newly created custom links, and then finally put these links in the respective page layouts as described later in this document.

So please make a note/bookmark of this path for later use (http://orektic.yourcompany.com/sforce/).