13. Using FTP Attachments® for custom objects

To use FTP Attachments® with any of your custom objects first step is to create a lookup field in FTP Attachments object which comes with the FTP Attachments® package.

1) Go to your Salesforce account and then go to Setup/Create/Objects/FTP Attachment. Let’s say 'YourObject' is a custom object .So, it’s API reference is called “YourObject__c” by Salesforce.

2) Click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the page.

3) Choose the type of field as Lookup Relationship and click Next.

4) Create a lookup relationship field in the FTP Attachments object for 'YourObject' with the name say 'Test' ,because it is a custom filed Salesforce automatically appends” __c” to it at the end. Choose the object for which you want to enable FTP Attachments®, in our case it is 'Test'.

5) Finish the creation of this custom field. Once done use the Custom Link Manager as per Chapter 5 to create custom links for this custom object.

6) After creating link/button add it to the page layout of the custom object. Now, you are ready to use FTP Attachments™ with that custom object.