17. How to configure FTP Attachments® Storage Server as “Amazon S3”

There are two basic key points a user needs to make sure at his end before amending the Storage Server as Amazon S3-

1) In order to initiate working with Amazon S3 basic requirement at user's end would be to set up FTP Attachments® with any of FTP Server or Local Server

2) Once an user is assured at his end about FTP Attachments® working with FTP/Local Server then next step is only change server settings to Amazon S3 as a storage server.

Steps to modify Storage Server-

1) To begin with changes switch to individual Orektic  account at their Standalone server(if its been used by user) else
browse URL:- https://app.ftpattachments.com/sforce/

2) Click on “Settings” button next to FTP Attachments® subscription.

3) Now edit the setting and opt Amazon S3 for Storage server.

4) Enter Amazon S3 keys and bucket name user would prefer then save them up.

5) Once the settings are save, next thing would be an attempt to connect Amazon S3 referring user provided credentials and then if there is a successful save message of settings then user can use the same settings for their attachments else appropriate error would get displayed.

6) Once settings are successfully saved then any attachment you attach/view using FTP Attachment will be on Amazon S3 account you previously specified settings.


                                                                               Figure: 17.1

1) Server Type: Choose server type as “Amazon S3”

2) Profile Name: Select appropriate server profile at which storage of attachments would take place. This would be applicable only if you have more than one Server.

3) Login: Utilise Amazon Access Key ID as a login details.

4) Password: Utilise Secret Access key ID from Amazon account.

5) Max. File Size: Maximum size of file that can be uploaded.

6) Default Folder: Name of bucket on Amazon S3, where attachment needs to be stored.

Note: In case Default Folder option is opted as blank then default bucket name will be created as OrgId on Amazon server and would be used for storing attachments. If Bucket name is specified, bucket will get created at Amazon server.