Please follow the below steps to install FTP Attachments® on your Production Instance:

  • Install FTP Attachments® Manage Package on your Production Instance (From App-exchange).
  • Try to login with "". And purchase the product as per your requirement from "Get More Application" Button.
  • You will get one month trial (evaluation) period License for your Production Instance.
  • Please contact us back on with your Production Instance Org ID.
  • If you have already paid for an FTP Attachments® License, we will extend your subscription accordingly.
  • Download the latest build of FTP Attachments® from below link:
You can download the Latest standalone build from the following link:

  • Install the latest build of FTP Attachments® on your Server (IIS Config).
  • Now, try to login with "YourDomainName/sforce/Login". Here "YourDomainName" means the Server Name where you have install FTP Attachments® build.
  • Please do the "Get Live Profile" for the latest information. Refer below link for Get Live Profile