Salesforce is disabling TLS 1.0 which is planned to be implemented by June, 2016. Depending on your instances, please refer the below link for more details:

In order to support these changes made by®, we request you to perform  following steps on your FTP Attachments® configuration.

For Standalone Version:
As you might be already aware that is disabling TLS1.0, this will also impact your FTP Attachments® installation. We request you to take following actions asap.

  • Install .NET framework 4.5 on your Application server (IIS) where your FTP Attachments® build is hosted.
  • Please make sure that TLS 1.2 is enabled on your server.
  • Install and configure our new build i.e FTP Attachments® version 4.6 which is compatible with the® with TLS 1.0 disabled. Kindly hit the below link to install the new build of FTP Attachments®:  


Note: We request you to please consult your System Administrator before making above changes. We highly recommend that you first make these changes on your test environment, test it thoroughly and only then apply them to your production environment.

For Hosted Version:

We have already made the respective changes from our end, so you don't need to perform anything at your end.