What is Get Live Profile: 

At the time of every renewal, Orektic updates information about the client's subscription for FTP Attachments. In order to sync the same license information at the user's end, Standalone customers have to perform Get Live Profile. 

Below steps will guide you to perform Get Live profile at your end. 

1) Login to your Orektic account. e.g: http://yourserver/sforce/

    For e.g :https://app.ftpattachments.com/sforce/

  • In the above example let us say, "app.ftpattachments.com" is your server. 
  • "sforce" is the FTP Attachments® build provided by Orektic which is hosted in your IIS ( Internet Information Services).  

2) Now click on “Get Live Profile” button. 

3) Enter your Orektic credentials (Use the same credentials which were used to login to your Orektic account). 

4) Once details are updated then it would redirect to your Subscriptions page and you will have updated information at your end. 

Once above steps are done, please check your updated information(Product Expiry date) in your Orektic account. 

Note: Above steps are applicable only for the standalone clients