Email2case is an add-on tool of FTP Attachments®, as FTP Attachmensts® is an application which is run on a Salesforce platform and allow to store file/attachments on your own server. Email2case is tool by which user can send email along with the attachments and that attachments store only on that server which will define in the FTP Attachments® storage server settings.

Steps to Default Storage Servers :

  • Login to the web application of FTP Attachments®
  • Click on Manage application 
  • Click on settings of FTP Attachments® Pro
  • Click on the default


  • Enter all the credentials 
  • Save

To add multiple storage server:

  • Click on Additional storage server

  • Enter all the details of your server
  • Click on Add


Note: You can add multiple servers for your instance via these steps. Currently FTP Attachments® Pro application support FTP,FTPS SFTP ,Amazon S3